Resumption of Use of Printing Machine

System change (effective from October 9)

Since October last year, only groups with a written activity plan have been able to borrow the printing equipment, but now we will no longer require a written activity plan for the use of the printing machine, and the unit of use will be changed from groups to individuals.
In addition, the number of lending machines will be changed to two monochrome printers and one color printer.
If you wish to use a printing machine, please check the following information before submitting your application.

Acceptable Activities

No more than three people may use each machine for printing-related work. No meetings, etc., are allowed in the lobby during or after the use of the printer.
Due to the circumstances of our business, the use of printing machines and the paper sale are only available on weekends and holidays.
For information on the printer’s equipment, please see Using the Printer.

A copy machine, saddle stitcher, shredder, electric cutter, and paper folding machine located in the lobby are also available for use. These machines are also available on weekdays.
If you wish to use these machines, please refer to About the machines in the Lobby.

Be sure to check the following guidelines before using the printer.
Guidelines for the Use of Printing Machines (only available in Japanese)

For more information on the procedures and fees for using a printing machines, please see Using Printers.

If the representative of the application is from within the university, persons from outside the university may also participate.
If, after an activity involving off-campus personnel, it is discovered that there has been infection or close contact among the participants, please be sure to notify us immediately using the Infection Report Form.

Usage Procedure

1.  Download the application form from this page, fill it out, and submit it via the form at least 8 days prior to the date of use.
2. If there are too many applications, a lottery will be held. As a rule, notification of winners will be sent via e-mail 7 days prior to the date of use.
3.  If you are selected, please present the winning email (screenshot or printout is acceptable) at the counter on the day of the event, and we will lend you an IC card in exchange for the student ID card and participant list of the representative of the application. Please prepare the list of participants in advance or fill in the list that will be given to you at the counter.

How to use the printing machine (only available in Japanese)


1. To use this service, you need to be selected by lottery as described above.
2. Only activities related to the use of the printing machines will be accepted.
3. Only the representative of the application is allowed to borrow the IC card.
4. The lobby may be crowded. Please make sure to keep a physical distance during the activity.
5.  Note that the activity may be suddenly cancelled due to the spread of infection or at the request of the university.
6. If the Committee staff members determine that the guidelines are not being followed, we may issue a warning or order the cancellation of the activity.
7. On the date of use, register your usage time by reading the two-dimensional code near the printing machine before and after use.
8. Note that some of the rules are different from those of the College of Liberal Arts and sciences. Be sure to check the guidelines of this committee.

Application, etc.(only available in Japanese)

Application Submission Form
List of participants (for handwriting), List of participants (for PC input)

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