Our Response to COVID-19

The Current Situation

  the Current Situation Notes
Opening Hours Shortened Applying in advance is required for entry.
Activities in the buildings

Only allowed to carry in/out things

Common Use Rooms Unavailable  
Printers Unavailable  
Equipment Unavailable  
Large Format Printing Unavailable  
Receiving parcels Unavailable Do not send any parcels to Student Building/Campus Plaza.
As of August 2, 2020

For more details, see the following.

Opening hours during the Autumn Semester(September 19, 2020)

From September 25 to October 31, we open the buildings from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. This is because there are not enough staff to work in the Office in the fifth period on weekdays. On holidays, we open the buildings from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Note that our services are the same as before; you can only carry in/out things in the buildings.

Opening Days in September(August 24, 2020)

During the summer vacation (until September 24), we open the buildings from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day. We provide our services in the same way we did from August 6 to August 10. For more details, see “Announcement of opening and resuming some services (August 2) (added August 4)”. We will reconsider our response based on how classes will be conducted in the next semester.

Continuation of Limited Opening(August 13, 2020)

After August 17, we provide our services in the same way we did from August 6 to August 10. Opening hours in September will be determined based on the spread of infection. We will let you know as soon as possible.

Announcement of opening and resuming some services (August 2) (added on August 4)

Due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus Disease, Student Building and Campus Plaza have been closed for a long time. Since the University and the College of Arts and Sciences decided to resume extracurricular activities, we held a discussion with the College and decided to restart some services in Student Building and Campus Plaza. However, it is still necessary to take maximum measures to prevent the spread of infection. Therefore, please understand that only  limited services will be restarted at this moment.

《The Application Form for Campus Entry/Entry and Exit Records》

Before visiting Student Building/Campus Plaza, all visitors must apply for campus entry from the application website of the UTokyo Komaba I Campus.

(You will be directed to an external website.)

After entering the campus, head to the building and borrow the key at the counter to use your clubroom. Scan the QR code attached to the room door when you enter and leave the clubroom, and send the Entry and Exit Records. Anyone who enters the room must do this.

《The Use of Clubrooms and the Lobbies》

For the time being, all activities will be prohibited in clubrooms and common areas (the lobbies, corridors, etc.). You can only carry things into/out from clubrooms or circle lockers. Do not do other activities inside the buildings.

《Printers, Equipment, Common Use Rooms 》

Reservation and use of printers, equipment, Common Use Rooms will continue to be suspended.

《Large Format Printing》

Large Format Printing will not be accepted.

《Receiving Parcels》

You cannot receive parcels at Student Building/Campus Plaza. You cannot send them to the buildings, either.


About Entry
  • Please come with the minimum number of people.
  • Those who do not belong to the University of Tokyo (students at other universities, etc.) are not allowed to enter.
About use
  • You can only carry in/out things.
  • Other activities are NOT allowed inside the buildings (including clubrooms, lobbies, corridors, rooftops, etc.).
  • When you enter and leave a room, all those who enter the room must send the Entry and Exit Records.
  • Be sure to finish your work within 30 minutes.
Request for infection prevention
  • Do not enter the building if you have a cold or fever or feel unwell.
  • Be sure to wear a mask in the buildings.
  • When you are in a room, open the windows and the door to ventilate it.
  • We provide disinfectant near the entrance of each building. When you enter the building, please disinfect your hands.

Depending on the situation, the services may be suspended and the buildings may be closed. If your group will use Student Building/Campus Plaza, please make a flexible plan and check the latest information published on our Twitter account and this Website. If you are a Student Building Contact Committee member, please also check the emails from us.

If infection is confirmed in Student Building/Campus Plaza, we will respond according to the instructions from the University and the public health center. In some cases, we may close the buildings for a long time. The number of people who work at the counter is limited, and it is impossible to strictly check whether all the visitors follow the above.

Thank you for your cooperation in order to prevent the spread of infection in the campus, which leads to prohibition of extracurricular activities and long-term closing of Student Building/Campus Plaza.

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