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Student Building Management Committee is looking for new student staff, who do counter services and so on. Any students at the University of Tokyo can become staff. You can apply for staff anytime.

Our Work

The committee staff do various kinds of work. Before you work as our committee staff, you participate in training, so you do not need specific skills. We welcome anyone who has never worked part-time or who wants to work between classes. For detailed information on our work, see this page.

Hours of counter services are as follows. Work schedules of counter services are arranged every month, so it is easy for you to do both our work and other activities, such as group activities and studies.

Weekdays12:30 p.m. – 2:35 p.m.  / 5:00 p.m. – the closing time
Holidays9:00 – the closing time(shift work)

We work on Komaba campus, so you can work just after your class. You can do work other than counter services whenever you want, for example between classes or after school.

Student Guarantee

If you work as Student Building Management Committee staff, Student Guarantee(活動保障費) is paid. The amount of Student Guarantee is as follows.

Student BuildingCampus Plaza
counter services¥900/h¥720/h
patrol work¥1200/h¥1200/h

If you do not have a commuter pass to Komaba Campus, transportation expenses will be paid when you have no class on Komaba Campus.

Advantages to become Student Building Management staff

If you become the staff, you can …

  • acquire PC skills, business email etiquette.
  • use the Office at any time.
    • The Office is equipped with wi-fi, microwaves, refrigerators, TVs, and so on.
  • use individual lockers in the Office.
  • get acquainted with more U-Tokyo students.
  • experience various types of work.

Voices of staff

I became Student Building Management staff because I can work on campus whenever I want without going outside of campus. Work schedules are flexible, so I feel easy to work in this committee. I also enjoy various benefits as the committee staff. (Year 1 HS1)

I work as the chairperson of Student Building Committee and Student Building Management Committee to supervise management work, negotiate and consult with other student self-government committees and the college, and so on. I think my work is very worthwhile. I have been involved with such important work since I was a new member of the committee. This is a good experience for me.(Year 1 HS3)

I am in charge of accounting. I manage about 10 million yen a year, which is an invaluable experience because it cannot be done at general part-time jobs. In addition, I edited the pamphlet distributed to freshmen, and I acquired PC skills while earning money. (Year 2 NS1)

About training

Before you become Student Building Management staff, you have to get the training mainly about counter services as the committee trainee(見習い). Now we conduct both online training using ZOOM and face-to-face training, and you can choose either type of training.

Flow of the Training

Flow of the Training

First, Student Building Management staff explains the contents of our work according to the manual, and you need to memorize them. Then you take an exam to ensure you perfectly understand them.

To get training, tell us the days convenient for you. You can get face-to-face training only when staff is available, but you can get online training anytime. In order to become the committee staff, you need to get two types of promotions: Provisional Promotion(仮昇格) and Formal Promotion(本昇格).

Provisional Promotion

We explain contents which are easy to learn online, such as basic schema of Student Building Management staff, key management and so on. It takes about 10 to 15 hours on average on training from the registration to Provisional Promotion, and finally you take an exam on google form. You can come to the Office for training, but there is no difference between online and face-to-face. After Provisional Promotion, you will become Student Building Management staff and can do some parts of counter services and attend meetings.

Formal Promotion

We explain some contents which are difficult to learn online, such as management of printers and buildings, so you need to come to the Office. It takes about 10 to 15 hours on average on training from Provisional Promotion to Formal Promotion. After Formal Promotion, you can do all counter services.

Applying for the trainee

After reading consent matters on the 1st page of the form below carefully, fill out the form. Then we invite you to Slack channel for trainees. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us via email (address: gkuc[at] (replace [at] with @).

Application form→


We use Japanese during almost all the work including counter services. In the training, the committee staff explains in Japanese.

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