Using Printers(印刷機)

If you want to print a large number of copies of flyers or pamphlets, monochrome and color printers in the lobby of Student Building are convenient.

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The Monochrome Printer

The monochrome printer (Risograph) , which used to be called “Gesu printer”, is suitable for printing the same copy lots (dozens ~ thousands) of times. The mechanism of this printer is like a mechanized mimeograph machine, which was quite popular some decades ago. Make a plate(製版) and then you can print it(印刷). 

The Color Printer

The color printer (Orphis) was installed in 2018, and is suitable for printing the same copy in color lots of times. Its system is like a high-speed inkjet printer, and it does not need plate making like a monochrome printer.


Make a platePrint
Monochrome printer40 yen/sheet1 yen/sheet
Color Printer10 yen/sheet


If you want to use a monochrome/color printer, you have to complete the procedure in the Office. We have 6 monochrome printers and 1 color printer. There are 2 systems of borrowing printers; a turn waiting system and a reservation system.

Turn waiting system (monochrome printer A~D)

If some printers are available, you can use one immediately. If all printers are in use, you have to receive a numbered ticket and wait your turn.

Reservation System (monochrome printer E, F and color printer G)

If you are going to use a printer at a certain time or in busy seasons, we recommend making a reservation. You can reserve them 7 opening days before using.

How to use

  1. Check the Reservation File in Student Building Office, reserve an available printer. You can reserve a printer for only 1 time and up to 1 hour on each reservation date. (You can reserve only reservation system printers.) 
  2. Bring your Student ID Card (if you made a reservation, bring a Permit Certificate, too) to the Office. If you have no reservation, you can borrow the IC card of an available printer. If all printers are in use, you will receive a numbered ticket.
  3. Put the IC card on the printer whose alphabet is the same as the IC card’s and use it. You must finish using it within 1 hour, but during an off-season, you can extend usage time by application in the Office.
  4. After using, if you used a monochrome printer, pay the charge to the coin box and return the IC card. If you used a color printer, return the IC card and pay the charge in the Office.


  • You need your Student ID Card for usage.
  • If you cannot finish your work within 1 hour, you can extend usage for 1 hour by your request. You can extend the time every 1 hour, but if someone is waiting, you cannot do it anymore.
  • Reservation system printers are used as turn waiting system printers if there is no reservation.
  • If you do not come by 10 minutes after the reserved time and someone needs to use the reserved printer, your reservation would be canceled.
  • Prepare paper for printing before using. If you do not have it, we distribute paper for a fee in the Office.
  • The charge cannot be paid back except when something is wrong with the printer .
  • Numbered tickets are valid only for the issued day.
  • We will call you twice when it is your turn, but if you still do not come, the ticket becomes invalid. Please keep waiting at the lobby where you can hear announcements.
  • When numbered tickets are issued, the group which is using some printers or the student who extended usage time might be requested to finish using.