Using Common Use Rooms(共用部屋)

You can use Common Use Rooms for meetings, music practice, etc. in Student Building and Campus Plaza. You need to make a reservation for that.

What is Common Use Room?

Common Use Rooms are located in Student Building and Campus Plaza and are open to all UTokyo students. 

You need to reserve Common Use Rooms in advance. Each person can use the room once a day for a maximum of 3 consecutive hours. If you want to use the room for a longer period of time, please consider using the room for Precedence Use or Special Use.

Type of rooms

Common rooms are categorized into Conference Room, Music Practice Room and Japanese-style Room.

 Conference Room(会議室)

The room is mainly used for meetings. Also, you can use it for music, play rehearsals and small presentations. Some of the room is equipped with desks, chairs, white boards, music stands and pianos.

FloorNameSizeCapacityChairDeskMusic standOther equipment
Main Building 2F2103m×6mApprox.10105Whiteboard
2156m×12mApprox.4040910Grand piano・Whiteboard×2
New Building 2FMeeting Room #16m×12mApprox.4040910Grand piano・Whiteboard
Building A 2FConference Room #13m×6mApprox.10103Electronic organ×2 Whiteboard
Conference Room #26m×6mApprox.202085Whiteboard
Conference Room #36m×12mApprox.40401210Whiteboard
Conference Room #46m×9.5mApprox.35401410Whiteboard

*Student Building 214 is open for individual practice only.

Music Practice Room(音楽練習室)

This room is mainly used for practice of musical instruments and other sound-making instruments. Similar to the Conference Room, this room is equipped with desks, chairs, and other goods, and, of course, can be used for meetings. Some of the rooms are soundproofed and users can make louder sounds than in Conference Room.

FloorNameSizeCapacityChairDeskMusic standOther equipment
New Building 2FMusic Practice Room #16m×6mApprox.202020Upright piano×2
Music Practice Room #26m×6mApprox.202020Upright piano
Main Building BFMusic Practice Room #37.75m×6mApprox.253020Upright piano
Music Practice Room #43.5m×6mApprox.151010Electronic piano
Music Practice Room #56×6mApprox.202020Upright piano
Building A 3FMusic Practice Room #66m×6mApprox.202020Whiteboard・Electronic piano
Music Practice Room #76m×6mApprox.202020Grand piano
Music Practice Room #86m×6mApprox.202020Grand piano
Music Practice Room #96m×6mApprox.2020120Upright piano

Japanese-style Room(和室)

This room is located on the 2nd floor of the New Student Building. It is mainly used for Japanese cultural activities. There is a fire pit and a table in the middle of the room. The room is about the size of 8 mat + 2 mat and can accommodate about 10 people.

How to reserve and use Common Use Rooms

  1.  When the reservation period of the Common Use Room you want to use starts, check the Reservation File(予約ファイル) at the Office. After filling out, hand in the Application Form(申請書) and your Student ID Card to the counter to make a reservation. Then, you will receive Permit Certificate(許可証). 
  2. When the time of using the room comes, hand in both your Student ID Card and Permit Certificate to the Office, and in exchange, you will receive the room key.
  3. Open the Common Room with the key and start using the room. Before the end of the room rental period, rearrange the desks, chairs, etc., clean the room, lock the door, and return the key.

Starting day of term you can reserve

Student BuildingCampus Plaza
Conference Room14 opening days before15 opening days before
Music Practice Room14 opening days before15 opening days before
Japanese-style Room7 opening days before

Notes of reservation

  • You need to fill in both the file and an application form. Application will not be valid if there is any deficiency in these steps.
  • Student ID Cards are required for all procedures for Common Use Rooms, such as making a reservation, renting a room, or  your reservation.
  • User Card(使用証) makes an application process simple.
  • Your reservation will be cancelled automatically if you are late more than 30min and another person is applying for the room.


  • There is no “Student ID Card Exchange” system available in the Common Use Room.
  • There is a Key Exchange Exemption system for continuous use by the same group. Please submit the application form to the counter in advance.
  • No smoking in Common Use Rooms or those balconies (Smoking is strictly prohibited in the whole building). If you want to, go to the smoking area in the campus.
  • Refrain from drinking or eating in the rooms. Drinking alcohol is prohibited.
  • Student Building 214 is open for individual practice only. No reservation is required for use during free opening.
  • Please use the equipment carefully, and be sure to put it back after moving it. Also, please do not take it outside the room such as the balcony or corridor.
  • Please dispose of the garbage generated during use in the trash can installed in the corridor to keep the room clean at all times. Do not take the equipment of cleaning out of the room.
  • Room reservation is on a first-come, first-served basis. We often have so many reservations, so early reservation is recommended.
  • In addition to normal reservation, usage may be confirmed before the normal reservation starts due to use by the  Committee, use by self-government committees, Precedence Use, Special Use, lottery reservation, etc. Please check the usage notices posted on the public notice board in the building.

Precedence Use(優先使用)

Certain clubs have a priority to use Japanese-style Room (和室) or Meeting Room #1 (第1会議室) due to room functional reasons.

Application for Precedence Use starts at the beginning of the school year, and after that, we will publicly announce the approved groups, a day of the week, and time. Approved clubs are able to make a reservation 7 opening days ahead of others.

Only groups which require tatami mats can have priority for Japanese-style Room, and only clubs which require electronic organ can have priority for Meeting Room #1.

In order to confirm whether those rooms are available or not, please visit our Office in the building where the room is located.

Lottery reservation system for busy seasons

During a season for a welcome party (新歓期) for the freshmen in March and April and around Komaba Festival in November, we may ask you to participate in a lottery reservation system. For further details, please check our public relations which we send by the season.

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