Other Usage


The bulletin board in Student Building and Campus Plaza is available to announce concerts, performances, and so on. This bulletin board is set up for the purpose of displaying leaflets and posters of your group’s announcements.

You must apply to use the bulletin board to display posters, so please come to Campus Plaza Office (even if you want to post them in Student Building). In principle, the posting period is one month, and the number of posters you can display depends on the size of them.

Please see the Posting Regulations for details.(written in Japanese)
In addition to bulletin boards, the lobby of Student Building/Campus Plaza has some places for leaflets and pamphlets, etc. You can use them freely. Note that these places are shared by everyone.

Storage of Lost Items

If you have lost something in the building, please ask the Office. Both Student Building and Campus Plaza have shelves for lost items near the Office, so please search them first.
Lost items that cannot be returned to the owners will be transferred to Student Support Division in Administration Building.

About Public Relation

Student Building Contact Committee

We hold meetings of Contact Committee three times a year to explain how to use Student Building and Campus Plaza. Information on documents and applications, as well as the use of the facilities is given at these meetings. For details, see this page.

Public Notice Board

In addition to the announcements made at the Contact Committee meetings, public notice board provides information for general users. The public notice boards are located in the lobby of both the Student Building and Campus Plaza. Public announcements for special use are posted on public notice board.
It is also posted on the official website now.

Gakkan News

Gakkan News(学館ニュース,学館 refers to Student Building) is monthly announcements from Student Building and it publishes opening schedules for three months (for that month, the next month and the month after that). The opening days and hours may change from month to month. The start date of a room reservation, including Special Use, is counted on the basis of opening days, so please check the opening schedule on Gakkan News.(written in Japanese)


You can get the latest information of Student Building and Campus Plaza from our twitter account. You can check information of sudden changes of opening hours, so please follow us.

The username is “@GakkanUT”.

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